Organic Rose Petal Lip Serum


Description & Benefits 

Tired of chapped, dry, irritated lips? No worries! ReVersa Rose offers a lip serum that is designed to penetrate deeper into the skin barrier, providing hydration, moisture, and plump lips  

Tip: Best paired with the ReVersaRose Organic Lip Balm

How To Use

Apply generous amount of serum to lips to ensure they are hydrated


Apricot Oil: a light oil that softens the skin, improves skin tone, maintains softness radiance of the skin, and restores dry skin

Organic Rose Petals: soothes irritated & red skin, has anti-bacterial properties that fight acne & breakouts, and hydrates the skin

Grapeseed Oil: high in antioxidants that protect lips from free radicals, help soothe, and look fresh

Avocado Oil: rich in Vitamin A, D, E, and beta carotene that protect from UV rays, soothes moisturizes lips by soaking through multiple layers of skin for extra hydration

Coconut Oil: moisturizes chapped lips by trapping moisture in the skin, has anti-inflammatory properties, and gives the lips a smooth radiant glow. Avoid use if you have a nut allergy. 

Vitamin E: moisturizes drycracked lips by restoring hydration making the lips soft and supple. It also has powerful anti-agingantioxidant, & anti-inflammatory properties that sooth heal, and helps repair skin damage ( free radicals, skin texture, fine lines & wrinkles). 

This Is For You If...

You are experiencing dry, chapped, irritated lips and need a product that will retain the moisture in the lips 


This product is for you if you believe in organic skincare with chemical-free, cruelty free ingredients and handmade with love by a small business owner.