How It All Got Started

The "Compliment"


One day at work, an older woman approached me and told me how youthful and beautiful my natural skin was. I was flattered. I was like "oooo I'm really feelin' myself right now." That quickly went away when she asked what product I used. "Coconut oil", I responded confidently. Her smile vanished and she shook her head in disappointment. I was very confused. How was this lady going to compliment my skin and then criticize my what? "Why you say that", I asked, slightly defensive. "Coconut oil has wonderful benefits but because it's such a thick oil, it clogs your pores and makes you age quicker", she responded. I. Was. Shook. I had been using coconut oil for the past 3 years and not once had I ever come across someone who was against it. "What do you recommend", I asked. "Oh, honey, there are so many oils...find one that works for you. I like rosehip, jojoba, argan, and grapeseed." She left after that. That night I did some thorough research on the best skincare oils and their benefits. I liked the info I found on rosehip oil the best so I decided to go to my local beauty store and pick some up. From there, I fell in love. My skin was glowing. It looked so healthy. It lasted all day.  


The Message


After a recent move and bunch of life questioning, I broke down into tears, praying to God, asking him my purpose in this life. I was so distraught. I was so uncertain. I was so unhappy. My little sister was sound asleep next to me while I nasty cried myself to sleep. I woke up the next day feeling different--or moved you could say. There was a shift in the air and I could feel it. For whatever reason, I woke up having a sense of certainty. I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur from the time I was a little girl, but never actually felt it or had insight of it until that morning. I cannot explain, but I was spoken to. I literally searched my room for answers on what it was that God wanted me to do. I was immediately drawn towards the bottle of rosehip oil I purchased months ago. "Alright". I'll do it. 


My Passion


I learned my craft. I learned about the arts of different oils and how they can benefit us. I made many creations which failed, but learned how to make them better each day. Now, after many many months, I am pleased with what I have created. I listened. I followed. Now, I do. 
As an individual, I love all cultures and I embrace them. I love diversity. My products are for everyone. All colors. All genders. All ages. My message for those interested is to be the change you want to see.    
It's not about putting God first above everything. It's about putting God first in everything you do. 
-Ms. Marissa Morris