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The 5 love languages are physical touch, words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, and quality time. Some have 1 preferred love language but I believe we need all of them.

Do any of the moments you take to love yourself include something that brings you to a place of peace? It’s difficult to stop when you’re working long hours, run a business, take care of your family & meet their emotional needs, be financially stable, maintain good health, and not allow deadlines, traffic jams, bad sleep, unhappy job situations, and negative interactions affect you. We’re human.

With all the things we are capable of doing with our body ~our temple~, how do we show appreciation? How do we care for our body and self? Is it through food, physical activity, daily affirmations, prayer, or a special place?

I believe massage is a powerful form of self care and is all 5 love languages.

Words of affirmation: I deserve this
Gift: I’m gifting myself a form of self care
Quality time: I’m devoting time to my skin and body
Physical touch: I’m pampering myself through massage
Acts of service: I’m taking the time to do this for me for my mind, body, and soul.

Beautiful right? Allowing yourself to take a moment for you to release life stressors, tension, fluid, doesn’t only feel incredible, but is also a way to reduce psychological distress and increase sympathetic nervous activity.

Psychological distress, also known as mental distress are symptoms and experiences from person’s life that are troubling, confusing or out of the ordinary. The sympathetic nervous system is best known for its response to dangerous or stressful situations, also known as fight or flight. Long-term chronic stress raises cortisol levels.

Facial massage melts away tension in the forehead, jaw, cheek, neck, décolleté, arm, neck, and scalp , at will have you feeling renewed and rejuvenated. Like butter. Truly.

Take a moment for you. Book that facial.

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