Hair & Beard Pomade (Broad & Mane)


Description & Benefits 

ReVersa Rose organic hair pomade will style, protect, and groom a healthy, fuller beard and head of hair.

How To Use 

Apply a small amount of balm and work into desired hair. Style as desired.

For hair treatment: Work into hair and massage scalp with balm. Leave overnight and wash.


Shea Butter: alleviates “beardruff”, offers a smooth shavemoisturizes dry skin, anti-inflammatory, stimulates beard growth

Grapeseed: provides healthy shine without greasy feeling, adds volume, improves dry, brittle, dull beard

Candelilla: bearding responsibly with vegan wax

Castor: stimulates hair follicles, reduces inflammation (skin rash), makes beard shiny

Jojobamoisturizes the beard, enhances appearance, reduces breakage leading to a long, full beard

Argan: alleviates itching & scratching“beardruff”, soothes razor bumps/burns, promotes healthier, less patchy beard, with softness & shine

Coconut: appears thicker, fuller, healthier after a wash, stimulates new hair growthfights “beardruff”/inflammationrepairs damage & breakage

Almond: beard growth (naturally contains protein, biotin, & magnesium), hypoallergenic (reduces bacteria & inflammation), strengthens beard, hydrates scalp

Sunflower: improves premature graying, helps with beard growth, fights UV rays, offers a softer, shinier beard

Vitamin E: counters split ends, bristles become stronghydrates

*Organic Essential Oil


This Is For You If...

You are looking for a product to help with hair growth and styling, want a more organic (no beeswax) balm, and are ingredient oriented

This product is for you if you believe in organic skincare with chemical-free, cruelty free ingredients and handmade with love by a small business owner.