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ReVersaRose is not only an organic skincare shop located in the Heart of Shepherdstown, but it is now a holistic facial studio located in the Heart of Harpers Ferry also. The idea of 'holistic' to us means that we see the skin and body as a whole, a temple. We want to shed light on the root cause of skin imbalances which goes a lot deeper than skincare itself. Our focus is the deeper approach of the skin through massage, manipulation of blood & lymph, and rejuvenation of natural collagen production & elastin. Each treatment is customized to meet your skin needs & goals with the use of organic, non-toxic skincare and facial massage.

Bookings are by appointment only. To book a brow/lash appointment in Shepherdstown, please contact 304.876.6555



Gua sha

ReVersaRose specializes in gua sha, an ancient Chinese technique, that naturally lifts & sculpts the skin. Not only is this an effective, natural way to maintain a healthy complexion and age gracefully, but it also helps with congestion such as whiteheads and blackheads. 

Our lymphatic system is our body's sewage system that expels unwanted toxins and cellular waste. When our liver becomes sluggish, it seeps this fluid into our lymph vessels that can cause stagnation in our skin leading to breakouts. Stagnation: not being able to flow.

Zena algae peel

The ZENA Algae Peel is a 100% natural peel that is composed of seaweed crystals that contain micro spicules that cause microscopic trauma to the skin through cell turnover. The algae spicules will remain on the skin for about 30 hours or until they completely dissolve. During this time cell rejuvenation is taking place by removing dead cells, soothing irritations, tightening pores, and mattifying the skin...without the use of chemicals and acids. Skin flaking usually occurs for about 3-7 days.

This peel does require prior preparation of the skin so please plan accordingly. It is recommended that you use the ReVersaRose Organic White Willow Bark Toner 14 days before the treatment. Not for first time clients.

Brow threading, tinting, & laminations

Brow threading is a natural way to remove unwanted hair from the brow and give your face the contour it needs by opening up the face, brightening the eyes, and highlighting the bone structure. 

Brow tinting is a great way to shape, define, and enhance your brows. We are happy to use Thuya which is 100% vegan. The tint is a semi-permanent mixture that can last up to 6 weeks on the brow hair itself.

Brow lamination is basically a perm for the brows, keeping them in a uniform shape -- brushed up and lifted -- for up to 6 weeks. ReVersaRose is proud to use Boo Beauty, a 100% vegan brand.

High frequency

A gentle and safe electrical current that produces oscillating, oxygenating power. The high rate of oscillation helps tone the skin and treat and prevent acne, reduce enlarged pores, minimize the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, nourish hair follicles for healthier hair growth, rejuvenate the scalp and beard, and deconjest puffy eyes.

For congested skin, high frequency kills bacteria and reduces inflammation which helps treat and prevent further breakouts.

For healthy aging, high frequency stimulates collagen production, cell renewal, increases circulation, and penetration & absorption of skincare products.

Beard facial

The nourishment of a shampoo and deep conditioning treatment is the duo needed to keep the beard free of irritation and ingrowns. Deep cleansing is perfect for preventing buildup of oil, dirt, and sweat. A healthy, full beard is a sign of personal investment.

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