Valentines Gift Collection for Her

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Description & Benefits

ReVersaRose limited Valentines for Her Collection offers the self care essentials to beautiful, radiant skin. 


  • Vanilla Bean & Oatmeal Bath Bar
  • Organic Rosewater Toner
  • Organic Kitty Scrub
  • Organic Calendula & Lavender Body Oil

How To Use

  • Vanilla Bean & Oatmeal Bath Bar: lather soap bar to cleanse the skin
  • Organic Kitty Scrub: use desired amount and massage into skin (good for entire body but particularly for the kitty), wash off, and let air dry/pat dry
  • Organic Rosewater Toner: spray onto skin and let air dry (use as many sprays as you would like)
  • Organic Calendula & Lavender Body Oil: drop as many oil drops onto skin as preferred and massage into skin (avoid letting dropper touch skin)

How Does It Work

The Vanilla Bean & Oatmeal Bar lathers and cleanses the skin

The Organic Rosewater Toner hydrates the skin and reduces irritation such as redness. This toner also balances skin pH.

The Organic Kitty Scrub exfoliates, target ingrown hair & razor bumps, and leaves the area nice, soft, smooth, and conditioned 

The Organic Calendula Body Oil offers immediate hydration after bath time, leaving the skin soft, smooth, and glistening

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