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ReVersaRose Skincare

Simple Healthy Aging Bundle (3 products)

Simple Healthy Aging Bundle (3 products)

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Interested in getting started or giving the gift of healthy aging? This is it! Our simple 3 product bundle includes our organic rosewater (the foundation of any skincare routine), our whipped mango butter, and organic pomegranate oil. Embrace your the beauty of natural skin with this incredible bundle.

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    • the truth about fragrances

      Why are nice smelling products such a problem? Well…they have been associated with a range of different adverse health effects such as

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    • ReVersaRose opens first brick-and-mortar in 2020

      “I am someone who has suffered from sensitive skin all my life,” Morris said, mentioning her negative experiences with popular acne skincare products led her to explore natural skincare.

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    • ReVersaRose offers a fresh take on self-care

      You may or may not have noticed the quaint little skincare shop tucked charmingly behind the red door at 124 West German Street in downtown Shepherdstown.

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    • the common misconception of oils

      Do oils clog the pores? Well, the answer is simple: yes and no. There is a scale that measures how likely an oil/butter will clog the pores

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    Why organic?

    The average woman puts 515 synthetic chemicals on her body every day without knowing. We believe in products that contain harm-free ingredients, are better for our overall health, have lower allergen risks, and are better for our skin.