Organic Exfoliating Shower Bar


Description & Benefits 


Exfoliate your body with an organic shower bar that rids the skin of dry, flaky, dull skin while leaving it nice and conditioned. 

How To Use

Using the comb-like side, exfoliate the skin, rinse with water, and flip to smooth side to moisturize skin after. When comb-like side begins to become dull, break bar in half and continue to use.

Please avoid the face.



 Cocoa Butter

Shea Butter

Almond Flour

Chia Seed



Black Tea Leaves

Vanilla Extract

Otiphen Plus 


This Is For You If 

You need a good exfoliating shower bar that massages the skin while ridding of unwanted dry, flaky skin. 

This product is for you if you believe in organic skincare with chemical-free, cruelty free ingredients and handmade with love by a small business owner.