Hair Oil 30mL


Description & Benefits 

ReVersa Rose all organic, natural hair oil designed to maintain, moisturize, and keep healthy hair in check

Benefits: Repair. Grow. Moisturize.

How To Use 

Apply 1-3 pumps on facial hair pre-wash, pre-style, and/or post-style 


Argan: alleviates itching & scratchingdandruff, soothes razor bumps/burns, promotes healthier, happier hair with softness & shine

Coconut: appears thicker, fuller, healthier after a wash, stimulates new hair growthfights dandruff inflammationrepairs damage & breakage

*Organic Essential Oil

This Is For You If...

You are experiencing dry scalp, hair dullness, and split ends


This product is for you if you believe in organic skincare with chemical-free, cruelty free ingredients and handmade with love by a small business owner.